Monday, March 22, 2010

Sakes Alive She's 85

Since Grandma and Christine only feel good on an hour by hour basis, we decided to do a surprise 85th birthday party for Grandma Kemp. Notice was short so a lot didn't make it but she had a big enough turn out to keep her going the whole day. The day ended about 7:00 with The Fosters Ramona, Grey, Anna, Nina and Rob.
We had been trying to get Grandma to smile for the camera all day. But she just wouldn't smile. She was plenty happy when the camera wasn't on though. Here is Camille Kemp and Nina Foster with Grandma. Nina had made her own gifts for grandma. Not sure what they were but they were hand made and of course grandma loved them.

Maybe the lack of smiles had to do with me abruptly waking her up at about 10 am and saying surprise you are having an 85th birthday party today. Here is Bev Kemp and grandma holding a beautiful live orchid they brought her.

Danny made the appearance for him and Jamie. Almost a smile with a handsome young grandson's arm around her.

The Stewarts made it. It was a challenge to get them all together long enough in one place for the photo but we did it. Grant, Lucy, Malcolm, Emma, Stacie, Ian and of course grandma.

The Zezula's made it. Jace and Brooklyn enjoyed Bavarian Choclate cake with vanilla creme cheese filling and chocolate frosting. Come to think of it we all enjoyed the cake. Then it was off to play in Barnes park with grandpa Barnes of course.

Rowan, Robert, Raiden, Rachel and Grandma. Yes we got Raiden to stop perpetual motion long enough for the picture. Then he entertained grandma Wright by spelling his name on crackers with easy cheese.

The Nelson's were there. Shelbi brought homemade banana nut bread. Aubree entertained us by running from one "safe" lap to the next. Brian is ready to set up Grandma and Christine with a Taiser. I think a flashlight would be better. I have to make enough trips to the emergency room with them as it is!

Tara and Noah came. Noah thought the strange blue creature toy was interesting but he loved the pop up toy was great. Thats whats fun at grandparents house. The toys are always different. Come on grandma I know there is s smile in there.

Shelly and Kylee came bearing gifts and smiles. She will never admit it girls but she sampled all of your gifts as soon as you left She said lets put it all out for everyone to share. And share we did.
Happy 85th Mom and I know you had a wonderful day even though you will probably sleep for the next day or so to recover. Greg Kemp is supposed to be coming up on the 25th her real birthday. And Her children are going to take her out to lunch. Hope she is recovered enough by then. Thanks again to all who came and made this day special for your grandma.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Storm

We were just sitting on the deck talking about what a great day it had been. It had rained until 11 am, we had a wonderful bbq on the new bbq the kids and I bought Norm for our anniversary and Father's Day, and then the weather was perfect until about 5pm when the clouds started moving in again. We decided to move from the front yard to the deck as the lightning and thunder came closer. Suddenly we were hit with a hail storm with pea size hail. It passed over us but then we heard what sounded like a thousand drums beating across the valley. The hail was moving east hitting all the roof tops as it went.
The sound effects were great but the best part was the vivid rainbow stretching across the valley. We decided it was so vivid because the sun was reflecting off the ice in the hail storm.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better two rainbows began to appear stretching across the valley. The second one or top one didn't stay for long but it was amazing. The pictures didn't do it justice. I don't think we have ever seen such a vivid rainbow stretching so far let alone two.
The kids had their cameras going for the Father's Day Festivities. I wanted to post maybe something you all didn't get a picture of. Perhaps one of the best Kodak moments was Rylan holding Noah and singing "Take me out to the Ball Game" Thanks to everyone in helping make Father's Day a day to remember. And a special thanks for the rainbow!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Annual Memorial Day Extravaganza

Sorry no pictures! I was so busy visiting with everyone that I totally forgot the kodak moments.
We began decorating all the graves. I wanted to leave a sign on Dad's that said "may you be cursed forever you scum sucking low life if you steal this stuff off this grave again!" Every year someone steals the stuff we put there. The first years we lost some pretty nice planters last year the stuff was gone by Tuesday. I can't comprehend being low enough to steal off graves.

The next event was driving by the moving viet-nam war memorial in the Ogden Leavitts Cemetary. Picture Just as we drive by the radio in the jeep is playing Taps and Norm rolls down the windows and cranks up the volume. We were saluted by many and laughed all the way home.

Finally the great picnic at Grandma Kemp's. This year I especially enjoyed watching all the fun the kids were having. Someone gave Jace a whistle. He was in heaven! Rylan and Kylee scored on the prizes. Rylan won a number of things that Shelly was "thrilled to decorate his room with" but Ben had to take the cake as he proudly carried two ceramic statues of Jesus he was going to decorate his room with. Rachel brought a number of toys for the kids to play with while they were there, bubbles, huge balls, base ball set and balloon kits to make balloon annimals. The food was wonderful catered by Union Grill. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. I enjoyed visiting with the Kemp Clan since I only get to see them once a year. Norm enjoyed having a belching contest with Sarah! All in all It was great fun. Thanks, to all who helped.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Home For Sale

Home for Sale: Beautiful Spacious His and Hers Townhouse. Located on a 1acre wooded lot with small stream running nearby. Only one entrance for added security down a private lane. Home has a spacious greatroom. Perfect for empty nesters or those just starting a family. Don't hesitate, this one will go fast!
Sold: Who would have guessed with this market that a spec home would go so fast. Mrs. Chickadee left an earnest money deposit and then went to get her husband. He was thrilled and now they have moved in several sticks of furniture. Looks like the home will be ready to move into before the little ones come.